SKIN FASTING 101: Latest Beauty Trend

by Felicia El Hajj

Going through a 10-step routine for skincare morning and night sometimes appear to be making us wonder whether we're giving our skin what it needs or using too many products.
If you can relate to using multiple products and not reaching the goal you’re aiming for, then you might give Skin Fasting a try!

Did you know that the skin also requires occasional breaks from its usual routine in order to restore its natural texture?
Wonder no more! All you need to know about Skin Fasting is below in this blog!

What Is Skin Fasting?

Skin fasting is a skincare practice that entails reducing skincare products for a specific period of time.
It aims to decrease the continual effect of the active ingredients in skincare products on the skin giving it a chance to rest and revert to its natural form like working in a self-regulating cycle, thus managing its own oil production and cell turnover. So Basically, Skin Fasting is the “Resetting of the Skin”
But does this much-discussed detox trend live up to the hype?

What’s the Goal of Skin Fasting?

Skin-fasting has three main goals that assist in reaching One ultimate objective!
1-To restore natural oil secretion
2-Assist the skin's natural renewal process
3-Repair the skin's natural protective barrier, which has been compromised by excessive use of Skin Care Products.
Our Ultimate Objective is Building a more constructive Skin Care Routine: All the products in your Skin Care Regimen might be excellent but some ingredients are more efficient when used separately not at the same time…By gradually reducing the active ingredients, allowing your skin to rest, and rebalance by its own, you will be able to identify the unnecessary products and therefore build a more constructive and suitable skin care routine!

How to Do Skin Fasting?

Some people slowly reduce products others prefer to cut all products at once “going cold turkey” thus, letting the skin do all the protection and rebalancing.
However, we recommend to gradually downscale the products while sticking to the Golden Rule: Cleansing & Protecting your Skin are two non-negotiable steps that shouldn't be skipped.
Cleansing your skin will prevent pore clogging and SPF is your shield against premature aging and many more skin complications. Therefore, we advise you to follow the below steps:
  • Narrow down your skin concern; the main objective is to build a customized skin care routine that targets a specific concern
  • Exclude similar products, or the ones that have same indication
  • Check products with Active ingredients (Retinoid for example) and reduce the application gradually especially if your skin feels fragile and sensitized.

Most Importantly, listen to your Skin! When it feels ready and rested, you can gradually re-introduce the needed products.

Is It Suitable for me?

Skin Fasting is recommended for people with a compromised skin barrier, fragile or sensitized skin due to overusing skin care actives. This allows the skin to have a period without any active ingredients that might cause inflammation.

Individuals who encounter difficulties with their daily skincare regimen can opt for skin fasting by gradually eliminating one product at a time until they can determine the specific skin irritant.
It’s important to highlight the fact that people with skin conditions like Eczema, Acne, Melasma, etc... Should discuss Skin Fasting with their Dermatologist beforehand to prevent relapse as eliminating one or more products could lead to worsening the condition.

Final Take Away

The effectiveness of skin fasting varies from person to person, and it’s not a universal approach. It’s important to pay attention to your skin's response in real-time when experimenting with skin fasting, as this is the most reliable way to proceed safely.
Finally, whether you find that a Multi-Step Skin Care Routine or a basic approach works best for you, stick to it. Yet, if you believe your skin care regimen isn't working, reducing it to the bare minimum may offer you the chance to discover what actually benefits your skin.

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